Bexley Business Excellence Awards Winners Reception

On 16th July, both Sandy and I attended Bexley Business Excellence Awards Winners reception held at the Ocado Customer Fulfilment Centre, in Erith, Bexley.

Bexley Business Excellence Awards winners reception

The event was a wonderful evening and an opportunity for us to have an exclusive tour around Ocado’s, title sponsor the 2019 Bexley Business Excellence Awards, huge 36-acre site in Erith.

Known the Hive Central, the operations has a vast metal framework, which contains, stock, customer orders and empty crates.

Controlling this is 1000 robots, which move across a track on the top of this high-density storage to retrieve and move crates across the grid.


When inbound stock pallets arrive, products are decanted into crates for The Hive. All waste is constantly recycled. Customer orders are processed at specialised Pick Stations and can be packed in 5-10 minutes.

Although the site is not currently working at full capacity, it still has a large workforce, which will gradually increase over time.

After the tour, there were drinks and canopies available and time to chat to everyone, which was a great opportunity to do some networking; in addition see our newfound friends.

The 2019 Bexley Business Excellence Awards winners

The 2019 Bexley Business Excellence Awards winners

All the winners were also presented with a framed photo taken during the Gala Dinner and Dance.

Overall, winning the at BBEA and our second Pamper & Feel Good Day – the last month have truly been a memorable time for us.

Blog post by Kathleen Turnbull