How to maintain wellbeing during lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced people across the world into a lockdown situation, with limited access to normal activities, and often little or no contact with loved ones.

Home Fitness

As we all know, the body is under constant attack from the environment.

Everything from the air one breathes to the people one meets, exposing the body to bacteria, viruses, and stress. Sun, pollution and cigarette smoke cause by-products, which can be potentially harmful. In addition, there are a huge number of damaging chemicals, such as CFCs, halon, chloroform, and carbon tetrachloride, are propelled into the atmosphere to deplete the ozone layer.

Modern day living has the effect of making people constantly think ahead or review the past, without giving time to concentrate on the present. It makes people more reliant on convenience foods, with sweets and cakes no longer perceived as treats.

Poor diet and lack of quality exercise means children as young as five are already showing signs of heart disease. Lack of fitness affects quality of life and functional ability.

Food and drink that contain an optimal amount of protective nutrients help to maintain a strong immune system. Nourishment of the body equates with nourishment of the spirit. Eating well combined with appropriate exercise makes people more able to meet the demands of everyday life, especially at this difficult time.

This illustration shows how important fitness is during the lockdown:

Total Fitness Model

Maintaining total fitness model (Credit: Kathleen Turnbull).

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