Onwards and upwards

In past month has seen the Feel Good Co-operative move onwards and upwards, for us this has meant exciting times ahead. 


As the business is looking to grow locally, we decided to make a bring in new talent, develop a fresh new look and continue our mission in the local community:

Fresh new website

One of the most interesting developments for us have been our new website, we recruited Jermaine Ranger, a local marketing & social media professional to oversee and project manage the development of the new site, as a result he developed a mobile friendly website complete with an online booking form.

Introducing Valerie and Reanne

We are pleased to announce that we now have 2 new therapists, Valerie Curtis and Reanne Steele.

They are both capable and willing volunteers who that the Feel Good Co-op are working towards placing in locations that are new for the organisation.

Valerie’s background is in working with vulnerable adults, helping them to de-stress with a massage and her AromaTouch technique, she has many other skills under her belt and has an honours degree in education. She often volunteers with the mental health charity MIND.

Whereas Reanne has a degree in sports science and is a very talented therapist. She mainly works with sports people helping them to re-align physically and mentally after any events they have taken part in.

We are very lucky to have so many talented therapists on our team, Valerie and Reanne will fit in well and we welcome them both on board as volunteers.

Plans for a new location

Following talks, one location is a home for people diagnosed with dementia, who are quite happy to have therapy supplied for their residents. A trial is set for August and watch this space for further developments.

Post by: Sandy Trott, Founder of Feel Good Co-operative