Corporate Events

If your organisation is holding a corporate social or promotional event, why not relax and refresh your guests.

Corporate Events

You can book one of our therapists to come along and provide short taster treatments at a cost of £50 for up to 3 hours per therapist. The service is always popular, and will really enhance your event.

Therapies suitable for group events.

  • Baby Massage: Suitable for mother and baby groups, gentle massage strokes help to reinforce the natural bonding power of touch.
  • Indian Head Massage: The client remains seated while the practitioner massages back, shoulders, neck, and scalp. This may improve mental alertness, circulation, release of tension in the muscles and the increase of oxygen to the brain. It may relieve tiredness, stress, and anxiety.
  • Seated Back Massage: The client is seated and fully clothed, on a special chair designed to immediately release stress from the back. It also facilitates massage of the back, neck, shoulders, head, and arms.
  • Exercise Classes: Our fitness professional can provide lively and enjoyable sessions, tailored to the particular needs of any group, including seated exercise for the less mobile, or mixed abilities.
  • Presentations: Our therapists are happy to give talks and workshops on a range of topics, including nutrition, healthy lifestyle, exercise prescription, and massage self-help techniques.

For more information contact us on 07908 034081 to discuss your requirements.