Resuming of Services

From 12th April, Feel Good Co-operative will begin providing a limited range of services again, and we are looking forward to welcoming all our regular clients, and those who are new to us.

We have taken a considerable amount of time and care in order to produce safe systems, and mitigate risk as far as is reasonably practical. These procedures will be continually reviewed and updated. Everyone is responsible for the health and safety of themselves and those around them, and we thank our clients for co-operating with the measures that we have put in place, and to ensuring that our volunteers are not put at risk. We will continue to abide by government restrictions at all times.

COVID-19 Infection Control Procedures.

  • When clients contact us to make an appointment, we will continue to carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment in addition to our usual pre-book screening. Clients who have previously been diagnosed with COVID-19, or are considered Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, may require a GP or Consultant Consent before proceeding.
  • When our therapists contact clients to confirm an appointment 24 hours beforehand, they will run through a symptom checklist. If any answers are positive, we will cancel the booking, and recommend that clients get tested and self-isolate for 10 days.
  • At the start of every session, clients will still be expected to sign and date a COVID-19 health Statement, which will include giving permission for their contact details to be provided to the NHS Test and Trace Programme if required. If a client does not wish to sign, we will have to cancel the appointment.
  • We ask that all clients call their therapist immediately to cancel an appointment if, on the day, they have a temperature or any other symptoms of COVID-19. We do not recommend booking a massage therapy within three days of receiving a Covid-19 vaccine because there may be some minor adverse reactions.

Home Visits

  • Our therapists will continue to follow strict COVID-19 Infection Control Procedures, including their own personal health checks each day. If any of our therapists develop COVID-19 symptoms, they will immediately cancel all appointments and begin self-isolating.
    Our therapists will have thoroughly cleaned and disinfected any equipment that they bring with them.
  • We would appreciate, if possible, clients using disinfectant wipes on any surfaces that our therapists may have to touch in your home, such as door bells, door knockers or door handles.
  • Our therapists will be wearing a facemask and a visor. If practicable, we would ask that clients also wear a face covering during their appointment.
  • No other person should be present during the appointment, just the therapist and the client. Social distancing should continue to be maintained before and after the treatment.
  • We expect clients to wash their hands before and after the therapy, or use sanitizer if this is not practicable. Our therapists will bring their own hand sanitizer to use frequently throughout the session.


We have taken the decision not to return to our NHS venues for the time being. However, clients will be able to access our services at Sporting Club Thamesmead. We would ask that you follow all measures put in place by that venue. This will include using the correct entry and exit doors, following direction markers, maintaining social distancing on arrival and when leaving and using a face covering. We will also have our own COVID-19 Secure Checklists in place.

  • We will be allowing additional time between appointments to thoroughly clean all equipment and surfaces.
  • We will be using additional disposable products.
  • We will expect clients to arrive unaccompanied for their appointment.
  • We will expect clients to wash their hands on arrival, and before leaving.

Take care and stay safe.