Stroke Recovery

Around six months ago Feel Good Co-Op gained a new client who was recovering from a Stroke.

Mrs. K had asked for Massage from the Feel Good Therapist team to help with her arms and shoulder pain to make sitting in her Wheel Chair and lying in bed more comfortable and to give her a little pampering, we were happy to help her.


Jack Chapman: Stroke Rehabilitation Instructor

Being a Stroke Rehabilitation Instructor as well I was asked to see the client to help her in her Stroke Recovery, the NHS Physio team who usually give six weeks for Stroke Recovery had seen her for only two weeks over Christmas had tried to stand her several times and gave up and wrote her off, with their lack of time and work involved with Mrs. K, trying to stand was like a weak rag doll who needed support and her legs and back were so weak she was hosted everywhere she needed to go bed, toilet and wheelchair.

She never left her home as she was based on the middle floor of her three story house and she could not get down stairs as moving her was difficult, although her family were starting to convert the downstairs garage to a new bedroom for her to be able to sit in the garden and be able to go out in her wheelchair to her local Sainsbury’s Store.

Over the past few months each week for once a week I have been working with Mrs. K with Exercises and Strength Training, her confidence has grown and she smiles and laughs more than ever.

At first she was nervous and was a little scared to be pushed out of her comfort zone I made sure she worked hard to keep her Strength Levels high got her drinking plenty of water and her self-motivated in aiming towards her goal which was to stand and walk.

Over the weeks during our Training Sessions I would try standing Mrs. K to test her Strength and get her, feeling her own weight, working with Mrs. K I got to know her well and realized that she had both a Goal to walk and was not one to give up easily.

Just a few days ago while training in Mrs. K’s new downstairs bedroom, she stood on her own three times without any support just holding on to her bed rail I raised my hands and said “Mrs. K look my hands are not supporting you, today you are standing by yourself” then I worked with her to move her leg forward, she took a few steps did a couple of Squat Exercises and then sat down, then the biggest smile came over her face, she had realized she was walking and standing without a host.

Over the next few weeks Mrs. K will continue to make progress and gain strength, there is still a lot of work to do, but I hope to help Mrs. K with Transfers and longer distance walking, you never know you may see her out shopping in a local Sainsbury’s near you.

By Jack Chapman – Stroke Rehabilitation Instructor

Feel Good Co-operative does not offer stroke rehabilitation as a service. However, we are able to signpost you to a local qualified therapist.

Mrs K is still one of our clients has been seeing Jack, on a private basis, for stroke rehabilitation and she also has a weekly massage session with the Co-op.