Thamesmead Festival 2021

Last Saturday Feel Good Co-op had a stall at the Thamesmead Festival 2021, our first community event in over a year.

For the event, both Hazel and Kate were our Therapists along with Teddi, our Brand Ambassador, who was there to help out by taking bookings from visitors.

Thamesmead Festival 2021 Promo

Unlike previous Thamesmead Festivals, this year’s event Thamesmead Festival had a particular meaning of providing a kind of community atmosphere in form of staycationing families looking for a day out with a difference.

In addition, there homage Thamesmead’s architecture and film buffs making a pilgrimage to South Thamesmead, where the 1960s vision of a connected new town for London is beginning to be revived today


On the day, we provided Head and Shoulders Massage, Back Massage, and Reflexology.


We were in a very quiet area to begin with, but we did manage to move into the main arena during the late afternoon.

Honouring the creative talent of Thamesmead

The festival is a celebration of all things Thamesmead, with a particular emphasis on homegrown talent and creativity, for 2021, the Thamesmead Festival Production Group in partnership managed the full line-up with live event producer Serious.

Thamesmead Festival 2021

Located on the banks of Southmere Lake, flanked by willow trees and wildflowers, this is what that the make the Thamesmead Festival very unique like no others in South London.

For 2021, the festival had a mix of live music and DJ sessions on the main stage and unplugged stages, storytelling and spoken word under the trees, together with dance, comedy and a carnival procession that weaves through residential streets led by Kinetika Bloco, Thamesmead Festival offers the kind of community atmosphere we all need this year.

On the Southmere Stage, visitors listened and danced to music by Thamesmead’s finest talent musicians notably Tatiana Oriana, Old Boys Blues Band and Thamesmead Community Choir.

Shaping Thamesmead

The one thing that was extraordinary artwork by local Visual artists, notably the interesting landscape exhibits for visitors to see in form muralled underpasses to a trail of astonishing art installations.

Wonderful day for all

We were very happy to see a number of our good friends were there, including Councillor Ann-Marie, and we made a number of new ones.

From looking at the fine artwork and listening to the great music of Thamesmead, visitors were able taste the local flavours of Thamesmead.
The festival had a range of delicious street food pop-ups stalls – known as the Taste of Thamesmead.

Himalayan Tiffin, an Indian street food cater were selling their heavenly dumplings, legendary jerk chicken from Back a Yard’s Grill’s, and freshly made smoothies by DB catering, another local Thamesmead food & beverage company – which was organised by our good friends, events partner and awarding winning local enterprise CC Events.

Overall, we were very lucky to have glorious weather for the whole day, so the event was well attended and we had many visitors.

Video credit: Thamesmead Now YouTube channel