The ABC approach to healthy eating

Good nutrition is always an important factor, particularly at times of uncertainty; the ABC approach to eating healthily should provide the basis for preparing meals for you and your family.

Nutrition ABC Food

What is healthy eating?

When people talk about food, everybody gets different messages and it is sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction. Health issues are often connected to our civilised and affluent lifestyle.

The A-B-C of Food:


· This needs to be right for you as an individual.

· Gender, age and lifestyle are important factors.


· Make sure that you get all the right nutrients.


· You need a good mix of foods.

Good nutrition helps to maintain good health

Nutrition should support long-term good health. This is especially important when one considers how many people, across every age group, may suffer from eating disorders.

Healthy Eating Pyramind

Stress may have a major effect on our eating habits, sometimes causing us to comfort eat, or to lose our appetite altogether.

Conversely, people can become obsessive about restrictive eating patterns which might include ‘clean foods’, ‘superfoods’ or eliminating certain food groups entirely.

People may be medically advised to avoid certain foods because they have a specific health condition, or are on a particular medication. Please remember, at all times, your primary source of healthcare, which may include your food choices, should be a General Practitioner, a Consultant or a government-sponsored Dietician. Otherwise, you should try to include all food groups regularly.

How to Eat

Eat in a special place, preferably at the table.

Do not do any other activity while eating. The brain becomes confused about whether a meal has been consumed.

Eat slowly so that the brain has time to get the message,

“Full – stop eating!”

Chew foods to liquid to aid digestion.

Making healthy choices

Always be very wary when choosing low fat or low sugar foods. Read labels carefully as some of these may actually be unhealthier because of the additional additives required. Whole natural food and cooking from scratch is usually the best option. However, certain frozen and tinned foods can be extremely good.

It’s important to also include occasional treats now and then. Although the emphasis should be to make healthy choices for wellbeing, eating should be a pleasurable experience too.

The basis of good nutrition can be built around the ABC of Food, while the Healthy Eating Pyramid gives guidelines to the daily-recommended amounts.