Volunteers appreciation day at Hall Place

On 12 July, we were at a grand event at the Volunteer appreciation day at Hall Place, in Bexley.

The event was an volunteer appreciation day for their work in helping local residents in community and was organised by our good friends the Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust as a ‘thank you’ to their volunteers.

In attendance to honour the volunteers, who contributed more 47,000 hours of their spare time to help their residents in the local community, where staff, other volunteers, directors and the chair of Oxleas NHS Foundation, Andy Trotter.

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On the day there were four FGC practitioners – Kate. Julie, Yukari and Helen – provided complementary therapies to the attendees, and we managed approximately 60 x 15 minute tasters over four hours. Feedback from attendees for our complementary therapies was:

‘I feel wonderful – relaxed and ready for anything.’

‘Absolutely fantastic! Loved every moment, and very much appreciated.’

‘Very professional!’

This is an event that we always enjoy – a wonderful setting, and lots of lovely people.

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