Why smoothies offer more nutritional value

Whether you are exercising or want to look and feel great, it is always good practice to eat the right foods and drink the appropriate liquids, which will not mess your progress or have a negative effect on your well-being – thus smoothies are best all-in-one food based drink to have.

For this, there you can drink either fruit or vegetable juice, such as orange or carrot juice; however, smoothies give the same nutritional value.

Nutrition should always support long-term good health, and foods should be eaten in their natural state when possible. However, occasionally when you are unwell, or undergoing a certain medical treatment, people may lose their appetite, or are unable to swallow or digest everyday foods.

In order to get a balanced intake of calories, by drinking either a glass of juice or a smoothie can provide an invaluable way of following the healthy eating guidelines, but with food in a more digestible form.

Contents of a Smoothie

Strawberry Smoothie

So what goes into a nutritious smoothie? Well, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, wholegrains, and other ingredients used to make smoothies, are not just included because they taste good – each of them can play a fundamental role in helping to avoid and overcome a variety of illnesses.

Even the most commonplace ingredient is a pharmaceutical factory, manufacturing and storing hundreds of different substances known as phyto (plant) chemicals.

With a mix of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, found naturally in foods, contribute to the body’s natural defences against damage and disease.

By eating fruits and vegetables, they supply you with another crucial substance that is essential for good health – water. Water is needed for the proper function of every cell in the body; furthermore, both fruit and vegetables that have good water content in their own right, or water can be mixed with juices before serving. Smoothies will also provide the additional benefit of natural fibre.

Which is better – juices or smoothies?

To understand fully the nutritional benefits of juices and smoothies, this graphic below explain the benefits of both:

Juice vs Smoothies

The importance of vegetables

It is important to remember that certain vegetables cooked in order to gain the benefits of their natural goodness. In this instance, soups can be a good alternative to smoothies, particularly when the weather is cold.

For example, chicken soup is a great all-rounder and a natural anti-biotic for someone who may be feeling unwell. Food and drink that provide an optimal amount of protective nutrients help to maintain a strong immune system. Dietary supplements simply do not achieve the same effect.

Drinking responsibly 

To sum up, it is advisable to have juices and smoothies in moderation, as the high acid content of fruit can erode tooth enamel, thus use a straw when possible and do not swish juice around the mouth.

Even consider adding extra water to a glass of juice. Teeth need time to rebuild their mineral content so, when consuming acidic drinks, wait at least one hour before brushing your teeth.